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Commercial Goals

  • **Selling out 1500 cap rooms across UK / Europe / North America**

  • Number 1 album

  • Radio hit as artist

  • Radio hit as vocal feature

  • Play Jools Holland

  • Play Trnsmt main stage



This EP and LMB project as a whole sits in the alt-pop space of acts like Leon Bridges/ Dermot Kennedy

  • Intimacy to music allows potential to build a strong live following 

  • Production in a commercial space - music suitable to radio so larger audiences reach

Singles 1-3
Losing Sleep.jpg

Initial singles established sonic space and potential as a new artist 

  • Set Foundations by establishing sonic space

  • Sold out debut headline show

  • Introductory press

LLG Artwork.jpg


  • 4 songs. Planned for release through 2023

  • Waterfall release as  4 singles with EP reveal on single 4 

Written by Luke Marshall Black 
Produced by Matt Ingram and Luke Marshall Black
Mixed by Jon Gilmore and Matt Ingram

EP V3.png

Releases & Video

As a main focus of the Luke Marshall Black project is to build a strong live presence, live videos are an important part of the release strategy.  This is both in terms of artist content and press strategy.
Mini documentary style videos are also important to begin to share artist story

  • Introducing Mini-Doc

Mini Doc split into a multi part series to release throughout year on socials. ref here.

  • Single 1

Live solo performance in distressed space

  • Single 2 - ON TRACK

Live band performance in white studio backdrop. 
Similar to VEVO Discovr Set

  • Single 3 

Official Video

Live solo performance in Glasgow Venue 

  • EP Release Show

Idea to play EP release show in venue e.g. Princes Square, Glasgow?
Filmed as Video content (recorded for live EP?)

  • Single 4 

  • Sofar UK tour?

Can document this for socials content and to build beginnings of live footprint

  • Small cap UK headline?

Can document this for socials content and to build beginnings of live footprint

Can document this for socials content and to build beginnings of live footprint

Press collaboration platforms



Alongside releases, building live footprint through support tours then returning to these cities with small headline shows.

(warm up sofar tour with doc for socials?)

When playing support shows run targeted social ads in that city with content featuring main artist to grow audiences

Filming live sessions in venues during soundcheck etc for use to collaborate with local press


Social Strategy

Create a strong social media strategy to support releases.
Post consistency
Considered aesthetic rather than just jumping on trends / can aesthetic fit into trends?





mini doc series

General Engagement

- Picture posts

- Disposable cam / polaroid giveaways

- free tickets for content creation / engagement via comments and shares

- Regular lives

- Questions on stories, e.g. recomendations in cities

General Engagement

- Cuts from longer form YT content e.g. shows / studio / bts shoots

- Fan challenges to do covers / dances etc.  Fan-created content

- Regular live's with performance / Q&A

- Free tickets to show for comments / fan created content

Vlogs from shows


Growth Posts

- Reels and shared tiktok content

- Busking a song before the show that night

-Targeted ads to cities the night of support shows. Get other artists involved


Growth Posts

-creating engaging content without just jumping on trends

- videos with text, cuts from walking through a venue, touring a studio

- exploit photography with text as content


Sessions from Venues / soundcheck

(can we collaborate with local press platforms to create these for growth?)

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